Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

I believe that you should be fired about what you say on social media. One reason is how hurtful it can be. Imagine if you were just a 5th grader and your teacher said you were the devil’s spawn? I have seen many articles about how things like this can lead the way to depression later in life. One teacher called her students the devil’s spawn. ” After today, I am thinking the beach sounds like a wonderful idea for my 5th graders? I HATE THEIR GUTS! They are all the devils spawn!” Christine Rubino said on Facebook. This was quoted by Michael Gonchar, author of the article “Should What You Say on Facebook Be Grounds for Getting Fired?”. That is horrible. I bet you loved your 5th grade teachers. And then imagine one of them did that. That sort of thing completely disgusts me. The next reason is how people would react. Behind a screen, it can be lost in the large flow of posts. But, in real life. People will hear you and actually show their emotions. It is hard to show emotion while you typing. You can’t see their face. If that teacher said that in front a group of people. Let’s say she would receive a whole lot more of rage than on Facebook. I mean, just look at politics. If you say, “I HATE DONALD TRUMP” on Facebook, no one will really care. But, if you said that exact same thing out loud on the street. Someone is bound to start auguring with you. My final reason is personal space. In this case, the teacher didn’t say any personal things about her students. But, in other cases, that isn’t what happens. Some people say really embarrassing things about let’s say friends on social media. Especially when they are mad at them. The teacher could have easily added something at certain students if she wanted. Luckily, she didn’t. But, imagine how bad it could have been if she did. I hope I changed your mind about this issue in society. And if you were already on my side, I made your case stronger.


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The Lion King Hero

How many of you know Lion King? I know my family does. I remember that my sister would watch it on the VCR all the time. I also remember there were several heroes in the story. I had to think about who was the true hero of the story. But, I never had to question who my hero was.  My hero is my mom. She is a hero to a lot of people actually. One because she is a nurse. And she is a mom. My mom is smart. She is (in that way) like Simba and Mufasa. My mom always is able to help me with my math homework. Sometimes, I find it really hard. So, she explains it to me perfectly. She probably could have been a great teacher.  My mom is also loving. Just like Mufasa. She is always there for me. Such as when someone started to make fun of me. She helped me get though it. And honestly made me a stronger person.  Finally, my mom is trust-worthy. Just like Simba. My mom makes promises to my brothers and I all the time. My mom tries her best ALWAYS to keep her promises. She will only back down if she can’t because something happened. Such as a family death, work, etc. My mom is a hero to me, patients, my family, and everyone she meets. Who is your Lion King hero?

My War Family

Hello everyone! Today is all about my Grandpi and Great-Grandpa. Now if war and stuff to that matter freaks out. Then you should probably leave this post. So, I have two men in my family that I know about who fought. They were both in World War II. These men are heroes to me and one of them even died for this country. Let’s not let the tears roll yet and talk about my Grandpi.

My Grandpi was in the the Air Force. While in the war, my Grandpi survived two plane crashes. On the first one, he was the only person who survived. After the war, he was fine. He didn’t loose any limbs. He then had 3 children. My Uncle Mike(Michael), my dad, and my Aunt Carol. But, he was a serious man.  My dad said that once in a while, his dad would take them out for shakes. He would also take them to the beach. As a job afterwards, he fixed mercenary such as cars. He taught my dad how to fix cars, fish, cooking, baseball, football. My Grandpi played baseball and raced in little cars for awhile. But, things took a sharp turn for him. He died because his pancreus stopped working. He died at age of 56. And you can’t find his body on the land. He was cremated and his ashes put into the ocean my Grandpi loved. But, my dad says even though we can’t see him. He is still watching us from heaven.

This is next one is my Great-Grandpa. Before he went in the Army, it was him and his wife. But, when he got to come back to visit, he had a son. This son is my Grandpa. My Great-Grandpa ended his life to save others. He was fighting and got shot in the neck. The commander told him to go get medical attention. My Great-Grandpa knew though, if he went back, the other people driving tanks would die. So, he refused. Someone then shot him again in the neck. Then, he got a direct order to go get medical help. He still didn’t back down. The next moment, he got a fatal blow to the head. My Great-Grandpa died. My Grandpa was two years old when his dad died and saw him twice. I don’t know much about my Great-Grandpa, but what I do know is that he is a true hero.

I love how these people fought for our country. They were true patriots. I love so much. Although I never go to meet them in my life. So, now you know about my family who fought. What about yours? Do you have family who fought in wars? Please tell me about them!

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My Grandpi


Facts about World War II

MORE facts about World War II

My Goals and More

Hello everyone, me again. More 20% project things. So, we haven’t exactly made any sort of major accomplishments yet. But honestly, I don’t feel to bad about this because we are soon. See, we have having a MAJOR fundraiser to get cloth for blankets. We are trying to make this really work so we get a lot of money. So, we are taking our time to plan this out very well. Our deadline to do this is now January 19th so we have time to plan and get on a good day. In the next few weeks we hope to have our movie night all planned out. (And movie night is the fundraiser if you I haven’t told you all yet.)

Our December goals are one getting back to out mentor. For our project, we have gotten the help of one of our teachers. So, we contacted her and she got back to us. All we have to do is simply E-mail her back. Our other one is to get a location for our fundraiser. This is very important because we can’t have a movie night without having somewhere to have it take place. We have already talked to Brooklynn’s church and we are still waiting to hear back from them. As I said before, our other goal is to have the movie night all planned out. So, we can have that out of the way and to pave the way to a successful and fun event to go to. We will accomplish this by working hard on 20% days and work at home.

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I am excited                                                            But, stressed too





You know that picture for my stressed emotion? Find it here. It was made by Sander van der Wel and called “Depression” I found it good enough to show stress. Well, bye bye!


The Top Holidays!

OK. So, we all like holidays. We even favorite some. Today, I’ll be telling you about my favorite holidays. Sit tight because this is going to be a long one.

My top holiday is Christmas. And unlike some people, it is not mainly about the presents. See, all my family comes over for Christmas. I like all the family coming to my house and having fun during this holiday season. We make sure to always do something special each year. Such as one year we went to a Christmas show. My Aunt, Uncle, grandma and grandpa always come. My aunt and uncle bring their 2 dogs and they are a blast. When family is coming, my mom and I bake cookies. Not just a batch or two. (ha ha I wish). We bake tons of batches. Usually taking a WHOLE day. I also love the smell of pine tree in my house. It blocks off the smell of my brother’s dirty sports stuff. Which, is a relief to my nose. When the tree is lit up, it makes my heart happy. The tree is always filled with special ornaments. Such as a picture of my dad’s old dog, Princess. And a picture of my mom when she was 6 years old. And all the home-made ornaments my brothers and I make. And the presents are nice too. It always takes awhile though because of all the people at my house during Christmas time. Finally, my family sing Christmas carols and songs. My personal favorite is Last Christmas by Wham!(Lyrics and music here) Christmas can really bring a family together and that is why I love this special time of year.

My second favorite is Easter. I love Easter mainly because of the egg hunt. My mom and dad sit on the steps going into our house while my brothers and I compete find the most eggs. Buddy, my dog, stays with my parents and lays down by their legs. My dad gives him rubs while he waits for us to come back to him. Then, when we find the eggs, we use them to make….. Deviled eggs! The best way to make eggs. I also like the things the Easter Bunny leaves. Mainly jelly beans. (What is your favorite color for jelly beans? Mine is pink) My brothers always then just relax and hang out with our parents. We just watch some TV and eat deviled eggs. I like this holiday because it is a day to relax. Which is nice when you have a family as busy as mine.

My third favorite holiday is Halloween. I love this holiday because of all the candy we get. I still have a bunch of left over candy! I also love the themes we do. Each year, we choose a theme to dress up from. This year, we did DC comics. My older brother was Batman. My little brother was The Joker. And I was Harley Quinn (Check out my costume here) People always like the themes. I also like this holidays because of scare pranks you can do. One year, I pranked my little brother. I pretended where was a ghost in the kitchen and that it tried to hurt me. To help seal the deal, I put water on my cheeks to make it look like I have been crying because of fear.Billy went upstairs. I turned on the fan for a second for a gust of wind. Then, I grabbed his ankle as he walked into the kitchen. I scared him so bad! I like this holiday because it is a time for a good scare.

So, now you know my favorites, what is yours?

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Cloth For a Tear

Blankets for those who have cancer. This is our 20% project. What is a 20% project? You work on projects to give back to the community. This can’t just be you do a lemonade stand and give the money away. It has to one take a whole school year to do and you have to be able to show that you did it. Such as with my project, I could show a blanket we made. We are making these blankets because we knew how lonely kids were in the hospitals. So, we deiced to help them. A week ago, we made a presentation to help explain our project. Here it is. We are having a mentor to help teach and help us though out the way. I am not going to reveal her name though for privacy reasons. We expect to learn more about fundraising and I am learning more about making blankets. We are going to have a fundraiser. (Probably a movie night.) We are getting the blanket material from Michael’s. We have a deadlines as well. One of our biggest one is the January 4. That is the deadline for a fundraiser. And finally, the reason we wanted to do this so much is because the both of us were in a hospital for a few days and could not even imagine the loneliness of being in a hospital for MONTHS.

I feel stressed. I feel this way because the whole is very overwhelming. I think I have such little time to do everything. When I do really think about it. I know I have a lot of time. But, when I am working on it, I feel like I have no time. It is just my mind trying to trick me. I also feel excited. I really can’t wait until we have our movie night. And actually GIVING the blankets away. I know the project is going to end out great. I also feel busy. Because then again, I do have a lot of this to do. So, I am always busy while doing this project. I am always researching, planning, and asking questions.

As I said before, we have deadlines. We actually have some this month. One of our major ones is get a response from our mentor. We need this because both of us have no fundraising experience. Our hopefully mentor has though. So, we can’t do much planning until we get a response from her. We would like to also get a place to have the movie night. The reason we need to have the place done is because we would like to spend more time planning the fundraiser.


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My Busy Routine

OK. So we have ALL been busy at least once. For me, this is EVERY DAY. Seriously, I have been having a hard time getting ‘Me Time’. What is this schedule? Glad you asked! See, mine is changing because of seasons. One school. At summer my schedule is a lot more laid back and calm. But, during the rest of the year, you have to be fast. During the spring, my little brother does baseball. In the summer, there is no sports. Then, in fall, my little brother does cross country(for those of you who do not know, cross country is running). My older brother does football at that time as well. Finally winter. This one is the sport that involves the most effort. Wrestling season. See, the teams (especially high school. The one my older brother is in.) will travel far for wrestling tournaments. Last year, we traveled to the very eastern part of Kentucky. It was crazy! But, let’s not talk about sports, let’s talk about my typical winter routine.

I wake up at 5:00AM. I then get dressed for the day. Pants and a T-shirt is the usual stuff. I go out of my room and go to my parents room to get my dog out. By this time, it is 5:40. Why? Well, I am a slow person in the morning. So, you can now see why it is so late just doing those things. Once my dog is out, I go to wake up my brother. Since his alarms NEVER wake him up. I get down the stairs and go to his room. I wake him up. When he FINALLY wakes up, I go back up the stairs. I get out two paper bags, an expo marker, and my little brother’s lunch box. Yes, I make lunch for everyone. I label one of them “Kristin *****” (*****= My last name) and the other one “Michael *****” When I finish with the lunches it is 6:35. I make my dog his breakfast as Michael (My older brother) checks his grades. After I fed my dog, I start to finish getting ready for the day. I brush my hair and teeth. Then it is 6:50. Finally, I wake up my little brother (or Michael does) and get his outfit out. Then it is 6:56. I run out the house to catch the bus. And that is just my MORNING!!!!!!

My school day starts at 7:35. We do Rosetta Stone until 7:55. Then, I go to math class. I am studying Pre-Algebra. It is pretty hard. But, it is fun having a little challenge. Then, I go to a class called PBL. It is fun. Then, the next two periods are my favorite classes. Social Studies and Science! I have always liked
Social Studies and even plan to teach it when I get older! Science I just love experiments. Anyways, we shouldn’t get sidetracked. After Science is Language Arts. The class is OK. I have never just been a fan. After LA is lunch. I love lunch. One food!!!!!  Two is that it is a great time to socialize with the friends you may not have many classes with. Three, it is just some time to relax from a school day. Especially since I have had some rough days at school. Then, it is Choir. It is kinda hard to memorize the lyrics. But, my teacher finds a way to get it stuck in our heads. Click here to see the lyrics of one of the songs we sung. Finally, band. I play Alto Saxophone. It is really fun. After band, school is over. So, it is 3:35. I get home. I pet my dog for about 10 minutes while telling my mom about my day. I do all of my homework which gets me to 3:50. I then walk my dog while picking up my little brother from school. I continue homework when I get home. After that, I’ll brush my dog and start dinner. As long as it is something simple like pasta. Later, I’ll take a shower. Finally go to bed. And repeat the whole cycle again.



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My Little Old Man!

For those of you who know I have a dog. He is 14 years old. That is why the title is “My Little Old Man!” He is a Golden Retriever. We adopted him on March 4th, 2017. He is a kind boy who doesn’t hurt anyone! In fact, he is in love with us. One time I was walking him. A dog got loose from their owner and ran towards us. Buddy quickly realized that is dog was about 3 feet in front of me. Then, he ran (Yes, RAN) to stay in front of me. The dog was harmless. But, Buddy didn’t want NONE of his business. He tried to protect me. Although all he could really do is gnaw them to death. Which, is impossible to my understanding.

More about the day we adopted Buddy. I remember a lot of the details. My mom called us to her room. We walked in there. Expecting that we would have to clean or something to that matter. My mom told my brother to shut the door. My mind was saying “What happened?! What did I do?!” She said, ” I’ve been looking for awhile and found a dog we could adopt.” My brothers and I started talking and in my case squealing. She made us stop talking and said,”He is older though. Your dad and I were hoping we could adopt him to make the rest of his life good.” I exchanged looks with my brothers. I said to my mom,”We will!” My mom commented saying,” You know may not have him for very long.” We all said together, “We know.” I said by myself, “It is the right thing to do.”

We got dressed being very excited to finally get the dog we have been begging for. We have been since I was in Kindergarten. It didn’t seem like a long drive, although it was 45 minutes. We finally got to PetSmart. They were having an adoption day. My brothers and I were looking for Buddy’s crate. And there he was laying in the cage.

We wiggled our fingers though the metal bars just to pet him. His fur was so soft. My mom told us to go look at fish while she does paperwork. They let us take Buddy on a walk! He peed literally everywhere. We were told they don’t usually let families take the pet home the day the paperwork is signed. We had to wait about another 30 minutes while my mom did even MORE paperwork. After that time, my mom says “Kids.” We look back to see my mom smiling. “Yeah mom?” She says “Wanna take him home?” They let us take him home THAT DAY. I felt like CRYING (Happy tears). We ran to Buddy. I remember saying, “You are coming with us today!” As if he knew what was going on. He was so calm going home. He was smiling the whole way. He is still here today.

This is funny stuff that Buddy does. One, he will STALK my brother Michael. If he is laying down, he will get up and walk to Michael. Then follow him. When Michael goes downstairs, Buddy will lay by the staircase waiting for him to come back up. We don’t know why Buddy does this. But, it sure gives us a good laugh!

Also, breakfast and dinner. When I am making his breakfast, he will often howl. It is a pretty pathetic one though. It always makes me smile. So, that is probably why he keeps doing. The first time he did. He woke my parents up. (His food is in their walk-in closet. So, Buddy can’t eat whenever he wants.) They thought something was wrong. My mom realized that is was just Buddy being a little impatient for breakfast.

Also, if Buddy has an itch he will roll on his back. Now, dogs do this. So, why am I commenting on this? He will always stop and breath heavy. But, he has this FACE. It is SO FUNNY. He is the best dog ever.

We are trying to convince my mom to get a puppy so Buddy can “Raise it”. We also can’t wait until it snows and we catch it. Buddy has never really SEEN snow before. We want to see his reaction. Hopefully it is like when he first saw a dragonfly. I was walking him and a dragonfly zipped by and Buddy freaked out! He tried to bite it. The dragonfly was to fast. Also, the first time he saw a catfish. We have a fish tank at my house. Some of these fish are catfish. The first day we had Buddy. He tried to eat it. But, he hit is nose on the glass. Let’s just say he never did that again.

He is an amazing dog. Some people believe that old dogs are bad because of their age. I was one of these people. But, when I got the little old man. MY whole perspective changed. If you are looking for a dog. Don’t look for just puppies. Look for a old dog too. You won’t regret it.



 <——My dog Buddy!!! ^_^

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Comment Challenge

Hello Owen!
I did enjoy reading your post. But, I do believe you could have wrote more. Explain why you like Batman. I do have to comment on how you used the right punctuation for the song! If you can check out my blog!

That is my comment. You can see it is a highway comment (The thing you WANT to leave) because I gave honest criticism.

Questions you should ask (With answers of my own):

 Why did you read this blog? I read this blog because the batman-looking avatar. I like Batman,so it looked interesting to me.

How can you relate to the author? I can relate to the author because batman is one of my favorite superhero as well.

Why did you leave the comment you left? I left this comment because for one. I did enjoy the reading the post. For what WAS there, I really enjoyed! But, I would have wanted to hear more. I also believe he could have wrote more with his avatar.  I hate when people (Including myself) use wrong punctuation. So, I had to tell him the good job he did when putting the song in quotes. As it should be.


You know that comment at the top? Well, you should REALLY see the rest of his posts. They are really interesting.

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Picture Stories

Activity 3:

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The kites fly high in the air. Soaring above so many people. And yet, there are many kites. That means many strings. The strings could intertwine bringing the kites down to the ground. Us, the people, try to avoid this. But, it is a hard fate to avoid with so many up in the sky. Wait, do you see? Some are getting closer and closer. Will their strings go together? Will all the kites go down to the ground? Finish the story in the comment below!


Activity 4:


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