My Avatar is Me!!!

OK. The title of this blog is not the best in the world. But, hey it is still good. Right? Anyways, my avatar. I have read in some places on the internet actually that your avatar or profile picture should represent you. For many people (and I mean MANY) use their pictures of them and their families and whatnot. But, mine is a from a avatar creator. Sure, for those of you who know me personally,it kinda represents me. (And looks like me a little! :P) And it is kinda sad of how I did not add any of the silly things. So, I look plain. Which is boring, I know. I like it because I do not like how people can be silly during school. It is what bothers me the most. It just disrupts the class. That is what that represents. Also, notice the nice smile. If you don´t know, I always like having a smile on my face. I hate crying because I feel dumb for some reason. It is weird, I know. I have glasses one because I actually do have glasses (My vision is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!) Another reason is the stereotype is that only nerds have glasses. I am a huge nerd. I have only had As in my LIFE,I play A LOT of video games, and when I fall in love with a TV show I make a OC (Own character). As you can probably see, I am a pretty big nerd. Which I personally like about myself. The sweater actually shows my FAVORITE season. My favorite season. It is chilly, so you wear a…… SWEATER!! You now know how my beautiful avatar shows me! Well, that is all for now! Bye!



P.S You know the website I made my avatar? It is called Face Your Manga. Just google it and you will see it . Or, click on the words! It will send you to the  website. <3






  1. Hi! I really like how you really explain everything, and how you use seemingly small things, like what type of clothes you wear, to represent a much bigger part of your personality! Also, I understand how you feel about school getting interrupted because of silly disruptions, especially since I have a similar mindset! Overall, I see that you put effort into making this post a nice piece of writing, and it really shows!

  2. Hi Sara,
    First of all, thanks for reading my post! And sorry it took me long to reply. Honestly, I ran out of things to write. So, I thought (Gasp!) and realized how much I actually represents me. Do you get disruptions during class? I do. Read more at
    Keep blogging,

  3. Hi Kristin,
    I love your elaboration on the fact you have glasses. (By the way, I am a huge nerd too!)

    Also, Amazing background!


    • Agathe,
      Thanks for commenting first of all. Second, what are you a fan of? Mine are maily video games. The main one is Overwatch. It is a really fun game and I really recommend it. You can downland a app called “Blizzard” on a computer and buy Overwatch there. You can also buy the game for Xbox 1 and Playstation 4. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I just got though my comments.
      Hear from you soon,

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