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Please let us come to the party too!! Please?Name: Kristin                                                                                                      operann                                                                                                                                                 via Compfight

Nickname: Beth (Because of my middle name :P)

Favorite color: Purple and/or magenta.

Favorite Band: More or less artist. It has to be Michael Jackson (Favorite song by him is Billie Jean) and Cyndi Lauper (Favorite song by her is Time After Time)

Grade Level: 6th grade!

Favorite Show: Gravity Falls (Favorite characters have to be Bill Cipher,Stanford,Mabel,Dipper)

Favorite Subject: Social Studies #History

Best Friends (There are a lot): Brooklynn, Ava, Jessie, Anya, Zoey, Kimberly, Shelby, Jasmine, Kathleen, Sara, Candace.

Favorite Book: Shadow of a Dragon series

Favorite Movie: A Dog´s Purpose

Favorite Animal: DOG

Least favorite movie: Tall Tale

Siblings: David,Steven, Katie,Becky, Michael, Billy. (All oldest to youngest order. I would be right behind Billy. So I am the second youngest)

Favorite Food: Asian Pasta (My Dad´s recipe)

Religion: Don´t have one

Pets: Buddy (Dog), Crush (Turtle), fish, Q (Snake)

Hobbies: Playing on my phone, going to brother sports, cleaning my room (Yes, I like doing it sometimes), Rearranging my room, listening to music, and playing dodge ball downstairs with my brothers.

Favorite Vacation: Disney

Favorite Drink: Strawberry milk 😀 (But, chocolate and regular are good too)


Halloween PlotagraphCreative Commons License Chad Sparkes via Compfight

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